LA Forward believes in activating a rising generation of Angelenos to create a fair, flourishing Los Angeles. We connect people across LA who value equity with opportunities to partner with disadvantaged communities to change the policies and systems that limit our collective potential.

Grassroots organizing, digital media and mobilization, and thoughtful, engaging progressive media.


like our popular ballot guides and podcast. 


1. About Us – which is kind of like a pitch deck in web form – general section page, plus pages like mission, team, priorities, values, partners, accomplishments (in infographic form), news clips, maybe some photo and videos highlights of our work our a gallery, a map of where our members are located with dots or heatmap, fundraising pitch

2. Support us – general section page, plus pages highlighting specific programs that could use funding – the web form of 1 pagers we’re creating

3. Learning / Educational Resources – general section page, plus pages like voter guide, podcast, agitprop (memes and posters for sharing and printing), ways to find user’s elected reps, links to key news sources, any toolkits we create for things like throwing your own ballot guide house party