Let's prevent homelessness across California

We face a massive housing and homelessness crisis in California and your elected rep in the State State has the power to do something about it.

The California State Senate is considering a bill that would ban rent gouging and prevent landlords from unjustly evicting tenants for no reason at all (AB 1482).

This bill is crucial to preventing homelessness because the large majority of people forced into the streets recently are there because of evictions and rising housing costs.

Unfortunately, we're hearing that many Senators might not support these bills because of opposition from powerful industry lobbyists.

We don't have much time to change their mind, but if they hear from a ton of their constituents, they will listen. Fill out this form to send them a message now!

We ask for your address so we can send your message to the right Senator.

Why is this so important?

Tenancy Rent Caps (AB 1482) prohibits landlords from increasing the rental rate by more than 5%, plus the percentage change in the cost of living. It also eliminates a loophole by prohibiting landlords from terminating someone's tenancy in order to avoid these rules.

These bills are necessary to keep housing affordable, keep the homeless crisis at bay, and keep families in their homes. We're working towards a housing system that is fair and affordable to everyone, and these steps matter. But for any of this to become a reality, you have to make your voice heard.

If you're a renter like me or even a homeowner concerned about your future and the future of our state — this is your opportunity to speak out and make a difference in your community.

Millions of Californians shouldn't have to live in fear of a skyrocketing rent hike or unfair eviction. We're making progress — and we need to keep the momentum going.

Californians deserve stability and security -- no matter where you live, what your skin color is, or how much is in your wallet. But corporate landlords have rigged the housing market to price our rents destructively and allow unfair evictions, all to pad their own pockets. Over the last decade, a handful of corporate landlords have blocked every attempt to provide renters with an affordable roof over their heads. But now is the time for their corporate agenda to end and tenant protections to begin.

When we all do our part, we can win common sense solutions that ensure we can all make rent while having enough to care for our families — no exceptions.