2018 wasn't all bad

We have big plans for 2019 (stay tuned for those!), but I don’t want to let this year wrap without sharing what we’ve achieved so far.

In 18 months, we’ve grown from an idea into a trusted source of knowledge about local and state policy issues for tens of thousands of Angelenos. And we've become a valued partner in LA’s leading progressive coalitions where we activate thousands of Angelenos to contact their elected officials and give dozens of people the opportunity to step up as leaders fighting for social justice in partnership with marginalized communities.

* * * * *

A Trusted Local Voice

* Our June and Novembers voter guides reached 50,000 people, providing not only recommendations but in-depth explanations for every city, county, and state ballot proposition.

11 voter education events to make the ballot even more accessible. In beer halls and Jewish community centers. Downtown loft parties and mosque community rooms. A Highland Park restaurant and a Sherman Oaks backyard BBQ.

4 Civics classes plus 6 educational issue events, on topics ranging from defending immigrant communities through all means possible to California’s water challenges to Homeboy Electronics Recycling’ innovative green jobs program for formerly incarcerated folks.

9 episodes of the LA Forwards & Backwards Podcast featuring in depth interviews with LA’s rising progressive policy leaders, with a listenership in the thousands.

* * * * *

A Trusted Partner in Winning Progressive Policies

1. Leading ally of LA Street Vendor Coalition, which legalized street vending for the first time in Los Angeles and California this year!

WHAT WE DID: Generated hundreds of support letters to City Councilmembers, State legislators, and Governor, plus dozens of phone calls, and in-person comments at rallies, press conferences, and City Council hearings.

2. Co-led the Unrig LA campaign finance reform coalition which strengthened LA’s public matching funds program so that grassroots candidates can afford to run for office and have a real chance to win against the establishment.

WHAT WE DID: Spearheaded successful outreach to dozens of local organizations, and developed overall strategy and communications.

3. Co-led the ACT-LA coalition for equitable development, making sure that voter-approved propositions from 2016 like Measure M (transit funding) and Measure JJJ (transit-oriented development) are being implemented properly and prioritizing economic environmental, and racial justice.

WHAT WE DID: Our work on policy, strategy, and coalition building increased the availability of affordable housing and reduce displacement and homelessness. Affordable housing is rapidly being built as a result of JJJ and we’ve gotten Metro to make commitments to social justice as they undertake the largest public works program in the entire country.

* * * * *

We’ve done all of this on a shoestring, with only one full-timer (me) and dozens of dedicated grassroots leaders and members.

We rely on contributions from regular people who can donate whatever they're able to afford.

Because grassroots fundraising is what enables us to respond rapidly to emerging issues, take on powerful interests, and remain accountable to regular Angelenos — not risk-averse philanthropists.

That's why your financial support is crucial to growing our local progressive movement.

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