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LA Forward links you with time-tested organizers and policy experts in order to build a powerful movement for a just, democratic, and sustainable world


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LA Forward unites a rising generation of progressive Angelenos with the organizers and policy experts who’ve been in the trenches for years — in order to build a powerful movement for a just, democratic, and sustainable world.

Successfully resisting attacks on democracy and justice starts close to home. Los Angeles seems poised to lead the resistance, but our corner of the world isn’t always as progressive as we might think. Local social justice coalitions often lack power to overcome privileged special interests.

LA Forward is changing that by tapping the energy of a rising generation, squeezed between an insecure economy and exorbitant housing costs, saddled with college debt and an uncertain future. We’re a generation that sees our values and interests intertwine with those who’ve long struggled to get by—immigrants, working people, communities of color.

We are channeling this year’s flood of activism into an organizing network that methodically develops grassroots leadership. In places that have lacked a deep social justice base (e.g., Westside, Northeast LA, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, Southeast LA County), we will mobilize thousands of Angelenos for struggles to:

  • Build a vibrant city around public space and transit with affordable housing for all, where people of diverse classes, ethnicities, and cultures form communities together.
  • Fight climate change and pollution locally.
  • Transform unjust policing and incarceration systems.
  • Legalize street vending and stand up for immigrant rights.
  • Guarantee rights and dignity for all workers on the job, including independent contractors.
  • Fund universal healthcare and education with fair-share taxation.





We build power from the ground up by developing teams of grassroots leaders on every major issue confronting our region who will mobilize our community to partnership with leading social justice coalitions.

We integrate trainings on topics like organizing, advocacy, power, and privilege into all of our work so we are constantly developing as our capacity as leaders, individually and collectively.

We host social events like happy hours and weekend picnics in neighborhoods across the county to build community to expand our relationships and our reach.



We blast action alerts to our 7,000 person email list with information on the day's most pressing local issues and instructions on how to contact policymakers.

Our Facebook page is a source of local policy updates and thought-provoking "big picture" articles.



We present rigorous, accessible introductions to local policy issues through media that reach your averaged college-educated Angeleno where they are at.

We don't talk down to you and we don't talk over your head. We communicate with as little jargon as possible. We bring together community voices and the latest scholarly research.

We are especially proud of our ballot guides and our LA Forwards & Backwards podcast which reach tens of thousands of Angelenos.


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  • 60,000 people reached with our November 2016 and March 2017 ballot guides
  • 7,500 downloads of the LA Forwards & Backwards podcast
  • Hundreds of phone calls to local elected officials
  • 65 people participated in June 4 kickoff organizing meeting
  • 80 people trained on how to effectively make change
  • 11 community events across LA County
  • 5 grassroots teams joining policy campaigns in partnership with community organizing networks


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