LA Forward activates rising generations of Angelenos to join social justice movements that are striving to transform Los Angeles into a fair, flourishing place for everyone.


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We activate a rising generation of Angelenos to join social justice movements that are striving to transform Los Angeles into a fair, flourishing place for everyone.

Advancing justice and defending democracy starts close to home. Los Angeles is an amazing and important place, but our corner of the world isn’t always as progressive as we might think. Local social justice coalitions often lack power to overcome privileged special interests.

LA Forward is changing that by tapping the energy of new activists, especially a rising generation, squeezed between an insecure economy and exorbitant housing costs, saddled with college debt and an uncertain future. We sees our values and interests intertwine with those who’ve long struggled to get by including immigrants, working people, and communities of color.

We are channeling the post-2016 flood of activism into an organizing network that methodically develops grassroots leadership. In places that have lacked a deep social justice base, we mobilize thousands of Angelenos for struggles to:

  • Fully fund our schools by closing corporate tax loopholes.

  • Strengthen democracy by empowering grassroots candidates with public funding and ending corporate and developer contributions.

  • End homelessness by supporting construction of supportive housing and making sure that new development includes affordable housing and doesn’t displace people from their homes.

  • Build a vibrant city around public space and transit with affordable housing for all, where people of diverse classes, ethnicities, and cultures form communities together.

  • Transform unjust policing and incarceration systems that disproportionately targets communities of color and immigrants.

  • Fight for climate and environmental justice.

  • Guarantee workers’ rights and a fair economy. 







We present rigorous, accessible introductions to local policy issues.

We don't talk down to you and we don't talk over your head. We communicate with as little jargon as possible. We bring together community voices and the latest scholarly research.

We are especially proud of our ballot guides and our LA Forwards & Backwards podcast which reach tens of thousands of Angelenos.

We’re currently working on an easily accessible LA 101 guide to give you answers all your questions about local government and politics, even the ones you didn’t know you had.

Before then, we’re offering in-person interactive presentations by our Executive Director, David Levitus.




We build power from the ground up by developing teams of grassroots leaders who mobilize our community in partnership with leading social justice coalitions.

We integrate trainings on topics like organizing, advocacy, power, and privilege so we develop our capacity as leaders.

We host social events like happy hours and weekend picnics in neighborhoods across the county to expand our community of relationships. 



We blast action alerts to our 10,000 person email list with information on the day's most pressing local issues and instructions on how to contact policymakers.





  • 100,000 people reached by our voter guides since November 2016

  • Thousands of downloads of the LA Forwards & Backwards podcast

  • Hundreds of phone calls to local elected officials

  • 80 people trained on how to effectively make change

  • 16 community events across LA County

  • 3 grassroots teams joining policy campaigns in partnership with community organizing networks